Heroes or Zeros? The Media’s Perceptions of Paralympic Sport

Otto J. Schantz and Keith Gilbert (eds)

Published by Sport & Society, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing

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Heroes or Zeros? — The Media’s Perceptions of Paralympic Sport is a compilation of much of the latest research on the relationship between various types of media, disability and the Paralympic Movement. The book is developed around a series of themes which highlight specific aspects of the constant shifting association between the two distinct entities. The chapters are therefore divided into the following specific clusters of chapters; Part I National Narratives and Paralympic Sport; Part II Visibility of Disability; Part III Reconceptualising Paralympic Sport, Disability and the Media. The chapters within each section reflect specific perspectives which are highlighted in the final chapter. These include research into the impacts of television, radio, print media, online media and other forms of new media and their on-going relationship to Paralympians, the Paralympic Games and the wider Paralympic Movement. Throughout the authors refer constantly to the changing and dynamic relationship between the media and the continual marginalization of Paralympians and individuals with a disability in all forms of media content and analysis. Finally, they offer some suggestions which if developed could make a significant difference to the way in which the media portray disability and Paralympic sport to the public in future.

Keywords: Paralympic Sport, Sports and Society, Visibility of Disability

Book: Print (Paperback). Book: Electronic (PDF File; 6.519MB). Published by Sport & Society, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing.

Otto J. Schantz

Dean of the Faculty, Exercise and Sport Science, University of Koblenz, Germany

Professor Dr. Otto J. Schantz is Dean of the Faculty of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Koblenz, Germany.

Dr Keith Gilbert

University of East London, London, UK

Professor Dr. Keith Gilbert is Director of the Centre for Disability, Sport and Health in the School of Health, Sport and Bioscience at the University of East London, United Kingdom.


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